What is the Centre for Advanced Operational Culture Learning?


The Centre for Advanced Operational Culture Learning (CAOCL) was the Marine Corps’ centre of excellence for operational culture and language familiarisation from 2006 to 2020.

CAOCL was responsible for providing education, training, and learning resources for Marines across multiple learning domains including language, regional knowledge, culture specific knowledge, and culture general concepts and skills to improve their effectiveness across the full range of military operations. CAOCL also ensured the institutionalisation of language, regional expertise, and culture (LREC) considerations in doctrine and policy. In addition to its LREC mission, CAOCL housed the Translational Research Group, a multidisciplinary team of social scientists who supported CAOCL’s curriculum development, led its assessment platform, and conducted research on a wide range of issues related to Marines and Marine Corps organisations.

In June 2020, the Marine Corps closed CAOCL, some of its functions, including its career-length distance education programme, transitioned to the Centre for Regional and Security Studies at Marine Corps University.

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