New Members of Staff

The Boot Camp & Military Fitness Institute has been doing really well lately and, because of this, we have been able to expand.

Therefore, I am proud to announce some new members of staff (and their roles):

  1. Health and Hygiene questions will be facilitated by Sergeant Anita Bath and Corporal Heidi Gene.
  2. Legal questions can be directed to Captain Leigh Gall.
  3. Exercise and fitness advice is offered by Lance Corporal Keith Fitt.
  4. Weapons Handling and Marksmanship questions can be directed to Staff Sergeant Amey Gunn.
  5. Fieldcraft questions can be directed to Sergeant Se Mey Niu (part of the Chinese Instructor Exchange Programme).
  6. Questions on Military Food and Rations will be answered by Corporal Steve Patula.

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