A Step-by-Step Guide To Enrolling In an Online University for the Military

Serving your country is not only about portraying one’s uncompromised patriotism but also the greatest honour that could ever be bestowed on a citizen. Among the numerous ways you could be of service to your country, is by serving in the military.

Oftentimes, soldiers or veterans transition into academics after years of service. How easy is it for them to secure admission into a university? Does the government have programmes running in colleges for the military?

Admission Process into a Military University

One of the best decisions a soldier can make after hanging up their ‘military boots’ is to embrace the books once again. At least, knowledge never gets old. In fact, it becomes better with time, maturing like fine wine. For this to be effective, they ought to find a suitable military-friendly college that offers their desired course.

The enrolment procedure is strict, despite the courses being offered online. It should be mentioned that the mere fact that you are or once were a soldier does not guarantee admission: you still have to be eligible, which in fact can be achieved with the help of Write Any Papers, a writing service. This article elucidates the step-wise enrolment process into an online military college.

1. Select your University and Programme of Choice

The first step is the boldest and the hardest one: identifying what you want to study. Good for you if you have a predetermined idea of the course you would like to pursue. Match the programme selected to the universities offering it and narrow down to one. There are many out there, but here is a list of the best online colleges for the military:

  • Oregon State Campus;
  • University of Louisville;
  • Webster University;
  • Idaho State University;
  • University of Southern Mississippi;
  • Bellevue University;
  • Park University;
  • Regent University; and
  • Pennsylvania State University World Campus.

2. Draft an Online Application

The application process is non-discriminating of civilian and military students. It is simple and can be done online with basic research on the process. For example, PapersOwl research paper writing service can be of great help if you want to know how to successfully draft your college admission essay paper to elevate your chances of acceptance.

The application letter will undergo various verification processes to ascertain your eligibility for admission to the course of your choice. Should you meet all the requirements, you will be moved to the next stage of the application.

3. Connect with your Admission Representative

Having completed and submitted your application, an admission representative will be assigned to you to take you through the next steps. This is a priority in the military service to ease their application process. The representative will outline all the requirements and conditions in the follow-up processes and advise you accordingly on the set regulations and details concerning the admission process.

4. Submit the Relevant Academic Documents and Certificates

For this stage, all your papers need to be in order, ready for scrutiny. The submission is done physically so as to determine the authenticity of the certificates and transcripts. If there are any other declarations or certifications you wish to disclose, submit them too. It is a good chance to avail your military documents for consideration in the special military academic package.

Primary documents that should be submitted include (but not limited to):

  • Government financial aid documents;
  • Transcripts; and
  • Identification document(s).

These documents may vary depending on factors like citizenship status, programme applied for and course selected. You may be asked to submit more than what is indicated above (it is largely dependent on individual circumstances).

5. Accept the Offer, Register and Learn

Upon a successful application, you will be offered an admission letter. Attached to it will be an offer that you can either (in writing) accept or decline. If you accept, get ready for online classes. You are ready to start learning how to start a research paper among other intricate disciplines taught at under- and graduate-levels.

At this point, you are as good as admitted. Check the fees structure provided and the conditions of payment. Organise funding (if not already) and enjoy your studies online from the comfort of your home on your smart device/computer.


The government highly regards all its servicemen and women in the military, active and retired alike. It goes to great lengths to provide them with the required assistance to optimise their lives academically. A lot of funds has been channelled into the country’s most loyal patriots.

As a soldier, you should take advantage of this simple procedure and enrol in an online university military course.

Veterans are also encouraged to utilise this chance while it still lasts or, better yet, encourage their dependants as they are also eligible for this privilege of subsidised tuition fee and other numerous benefits.

Sign up today and expand your knowledge realm!


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