P Company. Pegasus Company (P Coy) is loacted at the Infantry Training Battalion in Catterick, North Yorkshire. From this location, P Coy run Pre-Parachute Selection (PPS) courses for both regular and TA personnel. All Officers and soldiers who wish to serve with Airborne Forces, must attend Pre-Parachute Selection with P Coy. The 10-mile march is conducted as a squad, over undulatiing terrain with each candidate carrying a bergen (Back Pack) weighing 35 pounds.(+ water) and a weapon. The march must be completed in 1 hour and 50 minutes. TA candidates have 2 hours. The Trainasium is an ‘Aerial Confidence Course’ which is unique to P Company. In order to assess his suitability for military parachuting, the Trainasium tests a candiates ability to overcome fear and carry out simple activities and instructions at a height above ground level. The event is a straight PASS/FAIL.A team event with 8 individual carrying a 60 kg log over a distance of 1.9 miles over undulatin terrain.An individual test with candidates running against the clock over a 1.8 mile cross country course. The course features a number of ‘water obstacles’ and having completed the cross country element, candidates must negociate and ‘Assault Course’ to complete the test.0 seconds of ‘controlled physical aggression’ against an opponent of similar height and weight. A squadded march conducted over 20 miles of severe terrain. Each individual carries a bergen (Back Pack) weighing 35 pounds (+ water & food) and a weapon. The march must be completed in under 4 and a half hours. TA candidtaes do not undertake this event. he final event of Test Week. Teams of 16 men carry a 175 pound stretcher over a distance of 5 miles. No more that 4 men carry the stretcher at any given time. Individuals wear webbing and carry a weapon.


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