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1.0     Introduction

This article provides an overview of the United States Army Physical Fitness School (USAPFS).

The US Army is currently transitioning to the Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) initiative.

2.0     What is the Mission of the USAPFS?

The mission of the USAPFS is to develop concepts, doctrine, tactics, techniques, procedures, organisational designs, materiel requirements, training programmes, training support requirements, and education requirements as it relates to US Army Physical Readiness Training (APRT).

3.0     What is the Role of the USAPFS?

The role of the USAPFS is to:

  1. Serve as the expert agency for the US Army on physical fitness, physical readiness, and physical training programmes.
  2. Co-ordinate, on behalf of CIMT, on initiatives involving the improvement of physical fitness as well as programs and initiatives that affect physical health.
  3. Improve all aspects of the curriculum through individual and joint study/development.
  4. Transform the US Army’s approach towards physical readiness training through the knowledge and application of exercise and sport science.

4.0     Commander USAPFS

The USAPFS is located at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and is led by the Director, a Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4).

The school is part of the Leader Training Brigade, which is part of the Centre for Initial Military Training (CIMT). These organisations are led by a Colonel (OF-5) and Major General (OF-7) respectively.

5.0     USAPFS Personalities

USAPFS personalities include:

  • Director.
  • Deputy Director.
  • Director of Research.
  • NCOIC (non-commissioned officer in charge).
  • Course manager.
  • Training technician.

6.0     USAPFS Courses

The USAPFS delivers residential and distributed learning (DL) courses including:

  • Master Fitness Trainer Course (MFTC).
  • Army Combat Fitness Training (ACFT):
    • Delivered to units by mobile training teams (MTT) throughout 2018 as part of the new ACFT programme.
    • MTT’s also trained master fitness trainers who will administer and grade ACFT participants.

7.0     Useful Publications

  • TRADOC Regulations (TR):
    • TR 350-6 – Enlisted Initial Entry Training Policies and Administration (18 December 2015).
    • TR 350-10 – Institutional Leader Training and Education (12 August 2002).
    • TR 350-16 – Drill Sergeant and Advanced Individual Training Platoon Sergeant Programmes (23 January 2015).
    • TR 350-36 – Basic Officer Leader Training Policies and Administration (01 September 2015).
    • TR 10-5-8 – Initial Military Training Centre of Excellence (02 October 2012).
    • TR 1-8 – U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Operations Reporting (16 November 2010).
  • Army Regulations (AR):
    • AR 600-8-10 – Leaves and Passes (04 August 2011).
    • AR 612-201 – Initial Entry/Prior Service Trainee Support (04 August 2011).
    • AR 635-200 – Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations (06 September 2011).
  • Field Manual (FM):
    • FM 7-22 – Army Physical Readiness Training (October 2012). The US Army is currently undertaking a comprehensive rewrite of FM 7-22 to include a proposed title change ‘FM 7-22 – Holistic Health and Fitness’ due to be published in 2019.
  • Articles/Books:
    • Funkhouser, A.C. (2017) Holistic Health and Fitness: A Better Way to Readiness. ARMY Magazine. April 2017, p.41-44.
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    • USAPFS (United States Army Physical Fitness School). (1990) Master Fitness Trainer Course. Minnesota: University of Minnesota.

8.0     Useful Links