1.0 Introduction

This article provides an overview of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) FORCE Evaluator Course.

2.0 What is the CAF FORCE Test?

Every member of the CAF is required to successfully complete the FORCE test (Fitness for Operational Requirements of Canadian Armed Forces Employment), a series of 4 tasks designed to measure operational fitness – a reflection of the CAF minimal physical employment standard related to common defence and security duties known as the Universality of Service principle.

3.0 What is the Aim of the FORCE Evaluator Course?

The aim of this course is to enable personnel to conduct the FORCE Evaluation in accordance with (IAW) with the FORCE Evaluation Operations Manual.

4.0 How long is the Course?

The course takes the equivalent of two days to complete.

5.0 Who is Eligible for the Course?

The FORCE Evaluator Course is open to both military and civilian personnel were conducting FORCE evaluations form part of their job description.

Criteria include:

  • Have the rank of Cpl / LS and above or be required to conduct FORCE Evaluations as part of their job description.
  • Be currently qualified in St. John’s Standard Level First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • Medical standards:
    • V CV H G O A
    • 4 3 3 2 2 5
  • Achieve the minimum physical fitness requirement IAW DAOD 5023-2, or within PSP job.

6.0 What is the Structure of the Course?

The course is currently divided into six modules:

  • Modules 1-5: Approximately six hours on the defence learning network (DLN) prior to module 6.
  • Module 6: One day.

7.0 Requalification

In order to remain FORCE Evaluator qualified, personnel will be required to requalify every two (2) years. Requalification will be conducted by local PSP staff.

8.0 Other Courses and Qualifications

9.0 Useful Publications

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