1.0 Introduction

This article provides an overview of the Royal Marines (RM) Physical Training Instructor (PTI) Class Three Course.

2.0 What is the Aim of the RM PTI Class 3 Course?

The aim of the RM PTI Class 3 course is to prepare Marines to:

  • Instruct Troop level physical training;
  • Be able to deliver the Royal Marines Close Combat (RMCC) syllabus; and
  • Aid the Unit physical Training Instructor (UPTI) in conducting the Military Annual Training Test (MATT’s).

The emphasis is on the ability to teach at Troop level, and the ability to produce circuits that can be used in several locations.

3.0 Eligibility Criteria?

Entry criteria for the RM PTI Class 3 course include:

  • In the rank of Marine, Lance Corporal, or Corporal.
  • Passed the Royal Marines PT Selection:
    • This includes: fitness assessment, swimming assessment (including confidence test and life-saving assessment), circuit training session, rope climbs, camp circuits, 15 min interest lecture (individual), bottom field, unarmed combat, and (finally) results of the selection.
    • The first selection for Class 3 instructors was in December 2011, with 5 out of 8 passing.

4.0 How long is the RM PTI Class 3 Course?

The RM PTI Class 3 course is four weeks in duration, usually two courses per year.

5.0 Where is the RM PTI Class 3 Course Delivered?

The RM PTI Class 3 course is delivered by the RM School of Physical Training at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM).

6.0 Outline of the Training Syllabus

During the RM PTI Class 3 course candidates will learn:

  • The RMCC syllabus;
  • Theory of warming-up and cooling-down;
  • Theory of circuit training; and
  • Undertake a circuit training examination.

7.0 Examinations and Assessments

As part of the graduation requirements candidates must successful pass:

  • Circuit training written examination;
  • Circuit training practical assessment; and
  • RMCC Instructor practical assessment.

8.0 Course Outcome

Candidates who successfully graduate as a RM PTI Class 3 do not become members of the Royal Marines PT Branch, and are only qualified to delivery PT for trained Marines.

To become a member of the PT branch and deliver training to Marine recruits, candidates must successfully pass the RM PTI Class 2 course.

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