1.0 Introduction

This article provides an overview of the Royal Marines (RM) Physical Training Instructor (PTI) Class Two Course.

2.0 What is the Aim of the RM PTI Class 2 Course?

The aim of the RM PTI Class 2 course is to prepare Marines to able to instruct recruits (both officers and other ranks) at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM).

The emphasis is on the ability to teach, coach and mentor recruits.

3.0 Eligibility Criteria

Entry criteria for the RM PTI Class 2 course include:

  • Passed the 3/5-day Royal Marines PT Selection/Aptitude Test:
    • This includes: fitness assessment, swimming assessment (including confidence test and life-saving assessment), circuit training session, rope climbs, camp circuits, 15 min interest lecture (individual), bottom field, unarmed combat, and (finally) results of the selection.
  • Candidates previously had to hold the rank of Corporal, but this has been reduced (Royal Navy, 2014).
  • As I understand it candidates must have passed the Junior Command Course.

4.0 How long is the RM PTI Class 2 Course?

The RM PTI Class 2 course is 17 weeks in duration (Royal Navy, 2014), usually two courses per year.

5.0 Where is the RM PTI Class 2 Course Delivered?

The RM PTI Class 2 course is delivered by the RM School of Physical Training at the CTCRM.

6.0 Outline of the Training Syllabus

During the RM PTI Class 2 course candidates will learn/undertake (Royal Navy, 2014):

  • Module 1: Physical training modalities.
  • Module 2: Duties of a PTI.
  • Module 3: Sports and competition.
  • Physical fitness (IMF, BPT and Commando Tests).
  • Organisation of a free activity.
  • Organisation of a major event.
  • Varied coaching courses (see examinations and assessments below).
  • Combat conditioning.
  • Anatomy and physiology.
  • Nutrition.

7.0 Examinations and Assessments

As part of the graduation requirements candidates must successful pass:

  • Module 1-3 exams.
  • British Amateur Weightlifting exam (BAWLA).
  • ASA/RLSS Assistant Swim Teacher exam.
  • RLSS National Pool Lifeguard exam.
  • Royal Marines Close Combat Instructor exam.
  • Level 2 Coaching Course (Varied Sports), for example:
    • KBT Level 1 in Strength and Conditioning.
    • ABA Level 1 Coach in Boxing.
  • Amateur Boxing exam (Half Badge).
  • IMF class taking exam.
  • Circuit training exam.
  • BPT class taking exam.
  • Week 6 practical exam.
  • BPT pass out.
  • Commando Tests.
  • Free activity exam.
  • Major event exam.
  • NVQ Level 3 in Personal Training.

8.0 Course Outcome

Candidates who successfully graduate as a RM PTI Class 2 become members of the Royal Marines PT Branch, and are qualified to deliver PT for trained and recruit Marines. They will, after a period of time, be eligible to attend the 8-week RM PTI Class 1 course.

In December 2014, four candidates graduated from the RM PTI Class 2 course (Royal Navy, 2014).

RM PTI Class 3 graduates can only train Marines at the Troop level.

9.0 Cadet RM PTI Course

Royal Marine Cadets with the Lympstone Division RMVCC can undertake the six month cadet PTI course (Lympstone Division RMVCC, 2017).

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