The Field Commander's Military Orders & Mission Planning Training Package

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The Military Orders and Mission Planning Training Package provides a comprehensive overview of the extant orders and mission planning processes currently in use by NATO forces.

The training package has been divided into a number of files to aid reading and assimilation of the information, and looks at:

  • The difference between plans and planning.
  • Common planning errors.
  • The outline sequence of an operation, from start (getting a warning order for the operation) to finish (writing a written report about the operation).
  • The aims and types of patrolling.
  • The seven questions a commander should ask when planning an operation.
  • Types of orders.
  • Battle procedure and the warning order.
  • Extraction of orders.
  • The combat estimate.
  • Sequence of orders (the SMEAC model).
  • Orders templates.
  • Patrol reports.
  • Sketches of objective area and patrol area.
  • Commander’s considerations:
    • Withdrawal.
    • Harbours.
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