The Command Task Training Package

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A command task is an initiative exercise designed to develop thought, leadership and teamwork by means of a simple exercise involving the minimum of equipment.

They are used extensively by the British Army for the development of both officers and soldiers. This training package contains:

  1. Aide Memoire: a simple to use Aide Memoire outlining the aim, basis of planning, development on a basic theme, other themes, restrictions, battle picture, practicality and safety, conduct of the exercise, use of exercises and markings.
  2. Powerpoint presentation which includes slides on the aim, steps, scoring, planning, briefing, command and control, team effort and task completion. The presentation outlines the fundamental requirements and how to structure a command task and what observers are looking for.
  3. Score sheet broken down into 5 sections for observers to assess the command task and break each of the stages down and assess students on the requirements at each stage.
  4. 25 individual Command Tasks, each outlining: the scenario; equipment required; limitations; Directing Staff (DS) notes; DS solutions; and clear diagrams.
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