How To Encourage Professionalism In Your Instructors


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Although this article is primarily focused on those working in the military fitness, fitness boot camp and outdoor fitness sectors the principles can be applied to the wider fitness community.

The requirements for working as a fitness professional varies across industries and employers. Health clubs and leisure centres usually hire certified personal trainers, but a highly fit professional with extensive experience in fitness or athletics may work for a private client without certification. Dance teachers, yoga practitioners, and martial arts instructors generally have years of experience in their respective disciplines and possess extensive knowledge of specific techniques. To work for schools and colleges, fitness instructors usually need a degree and related certification. A high quality fitness professional is generally a fit, healthy person who leads by example through exercising regularly and practicing their own methodology.

Professionalism can be hard to define and even harder to teach. This article highlights some practical tips to encourage professionalism in both new and veteran fitness professionals.


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