The two day Workshop, which runs at DCTS, provides Commandants and Commanding Officers’ (COs) of Phase 1 and 2 Training Establishments with an insight into current training issues.

Suitable For

The Course is aimed primarily at Commandants/COs of Phase 1 and Phase 2 Training Establishments from OF4 to OF6 (1*). There is some capacity to allow Commandants/COs to be accompanied by senior training managers (OF3 and above) if required.

Course Aim

This course provides Commandants and COs of Phase 1 and 2 Training Establishments with an insight into current training issues impacting upon such units, for example supervisory care in the post-DHALI environment. The course makes extensive use of guest speakers, using their personal experiences and perspectives to stimulate discussion.

Course Essentials

  • College: Defence Academy
  • Category: Professional Development
  • Duration Details: 2 days.
  • Location: RAF Halton
  • Delivery Method: Classroom
  • Restrictions: Courses are loaded 8 weeks prior to their start date. Applications received after the cut off date are automatically placed on a reserve list.
  • Course Contact Details: Tel: 01296 656886

Course Components

Part 1 Pre-Course Work: prior to attending the Course, candidates must complete the following learning activities:

  • DSAT Course Module 1 – DSAT – MOD Systems Approach to Training (hosted on the DLP)
  • Module 2.0 Introduction/Overview of DSAT
  • Module 2.5 Management of Training.

Last updated: 27 Feb 2013


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