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What is the Air Force Board (UK)?


The Air Force Board of the Defence Council is responsible for the management of the Royal Air Force.

Refer to Army Board and Admiralty Board.


Prior to the creation of the current UK Ministry of Defence in 1964, the administration of the RAF and its personnel was undertaken by the Air Force Council, part of the Air Ministry. In 1964, the Defence Council took over this role, but the day-to-day management of the three services was delegated to the three single service boards, of which the Air Force Board is one.

Membership of the Board

The composition is as follows:

  • Civilian:
    • Secretary of State for Defence.
    • Minister of State for the Armed Forces.
    • Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology.
    • Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans.
  • Royal Air Force:
    • Chief of the Air Staff.
    • Deputy Commander Capability / Air Member for Personnel.
    • Deputy Commander Operations.
    • Chief of Materiel (Air) / Air Member for Materiel.
    • Assistant Chief of the Air Staff.