Best CBD Gummies & Edibles for Pain or Anxiety [Reviews]

CBD edibles are an excellent way to incorporate a small dose of CBD into your daily diet. Not only do CBD edibles taste great, but they also provide a super simple and discreet way to fill your body with CBD throughout the day.

For those who are looking to treat pain or anxiety with CBD, edibles are the perfect solution. Gummies, in particular, allow you to maintain a consistent supply of CBD from morning to night, and they also taste great.

Finding the best CBD gummies and edibles is the key to ensuring that you can stick to a regular schedule, fuelling your body with CBD when it needs it most. When shopping for CBD edibles, it is essential to look out for all the same factors that you would when shopping for the best CBD oil.

Let us take a bit of a closer look at where you can find the best CBD gummies for anxiety and pain so that you can enjoy a sweet snack and a healthy dose of CBD at the same time.


PureKana’s CBD gummies are a must for anyone following a vegan or plant-based diet. Made from 100% plant-based ingredients and packed with 25 mg of CBD isolate, PureKana’s gummies allow you to enjoy a guilt-free sweet treat all day long.

As they are made from CBD isolate, PureKana can ensure that all of its gummies are entirely THC-free. Using an intensive but natural extraction process, PureKana’s gummies are also free from additional cannabinoids and terpenes.

To help really improve the overall health benefits of the gummies, PureKana uses natural flavourings such as grape juice to give each gummy a delightfully sweet flavour. You can enjoy PureKana gummies with confidence, knowing that you are not subjecting your body to artificial and potentially damaging ingredients.


CBDfx has a wide range of tasty CBD gummies so that you can enjoy a new, flavoursome treat every day. Alongside the more traditional CBD gummies, CBDfx also has specialised gummies such as biotin hair and nail gummies.

CBDfx uses broad-spectrum CBD derived from organically grown hemp plants. Each gummy is not only packed with a healthy dose of CBD, but also an abundant terpene and cannabinoid profile. The naturally occurring flavonoids found within hemp plants help to give CBDfx’s gummies their sweet taste.

All of CBDfx’s gummies are made using 100% GMO-free ingredients so that you never have to worry about accidentally filling your body with potentially harmful chemicals and toxins.

EVO Coffee

While CBD gummies make a great alternative to regular candy and you can snack on them all day long, they are not the only way to enjoy CBD in edible form. What better way to kick start your day than with a rich, CBD-infused cup of steaming hot coffee?

EVO Coffee uses Tanzanian Arabica coffee beans, along with its signature full-spectrum CBD formula to create a full body coffee blend that will bring a smile to your face every morning. All of the CBD used by EVO Coffee is sourced from EU farms, providing high quality and potent CBD that you can rely on.

For those who are looking to try and reduce their caffeine intake to help reduce the effects of anxiety, EVO coffee also has a decaffeinated blend so that you can still enjoy your morning cup of coffee.


Provacan is quickly becoming one of the most popular CBD brands in the UK, offering customers a full and exciting range of CBD products. Provacan CBD lozenges are a fun way to snack on healthy CBD treats during the day and provide your body with a small dose of CBD.

Each lozenge contains exactly 2 mg of CBD derived from EU grew organic hemp plants. As with all of Provacan’s products, third party lab testing is used to ensure consistent quality, potency, and safety with each use.

Provacan uses a sugar-free recipe to create its lozenges, meaning that you can enjoy each one completely guilt-free. Natural flavourings work perfectly with the natural terpenes and flavonoids found within hemp plants giving lozenges a wonderful flavor packed taste.

There are four tasty flavours to choose from when shopping for Provacan CBD lozenges, including orange, peppermint, and blackcurrant. Having different flavours gives you the ability to mix things up and keep every day feeling fresh and exciting. If you want to learn more info about the benefits of CBD edibles and how they can be used to treat pain and anxiety, head over to Wayofleaf. There, you can find easy to digest articles that make CBD easy to understand.


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