Benefits of Hunting for Military Personnel

The history of hunting began three million years ago. However, hunting has remained one of the few activities that many people still enjoy to this day.

Even though there are dangers associated with it, hunting has many benefits, including when it is enjoyed by military personnel with the right hunting gear, that are worth pointing out.

Can be a Form of Therapy

The Armed Forces Foundation (an American non-profit organisation based in Washington, D.C.) has recognised hunting as a positive therapy that can help military warriors and veterans cope with injuries and the stress caused by combat. Apart from the stress relief and entertainment that hunting provides military personnel, this activity can supply them with a sense of empowerment that they need in order to cope with the traumas that they suffer from.

One of the biggest advantages of hunting is the fact that it keeps groups of people connected to each other, and to nature. As many studies have pointed out, spending time in nature can improve one’s mood, and it can boost his/her confidence and self-esteem levels.

Hunting in a group also means that the hunters need to communicate with each other and they get the chance to talk about their struggles and make friendships. This aspect is particularly important when it comes to this segment of the population. The statistics made public in 2017 show that 17 veterans die by suicide daily.

Economic Benefits

Military personnel can acquire hunting licenses without having to go through hunter safety training. They also can purchase licenses at lower prices than the regular public. However, if you are a non-resident in the area that you want to hunt, you will be required to pay resident fees for a hunting or angling license. 

In general, hunting has many benefits for the economic sector. During the hunting season, more than half a million jobs are created to support those who enjoy this activity. Plus, because many hunters travel to specific hunting areas, they encourage the local businesses and this can only have a positive effect on the economy.

Besides, the gear industry also thrives because of hunters. So, next time you think about buying a good swivel chair, keep in mind that your decision to do so helps those working in this sector. To put this into perspective, annually, around $24.9 billion are pumped into the economy by hunters.

Can be Good for the Environment

Apart from having amazing health and economic benefits, when done by the books, hunting also contributes to the conservation of wildlife. In fact, hunting is currently regarded as a vital wildlife management tool that actively keeps nature at a healthy balance.

For instance, if the deer population is not controlled, this species can cause a lot of damage to the flora. Also, in the US, there are over 200 deaths caused by car collisions with deer annually.

Moreover, because there are restrictions and hunting limits set in place, numerous species of animals are saved from extinction. Each year, part of the fees paid for hunting licenses are distributed to conservation and research programmes that protect endangered species. So, it could be argued that hunting is an activity that helps create a balance in nature.

Being a successful hunter requires a good understanding of nature. As a hunter, you get to learn how to track animals, and how to interpret their behaviour. So, spending time outdoors hunting is also an opportunity to learn more about the environment, something that you cannot do simply by watching TV documentaries.

Given all the physical, economic and mental benefits of hunting, this activity is perfect for military personnel and veterans. Thus, if you have a weekend to spare, spending it in nature with a group of hunter friends might be all that you need to relax and connect with others.


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